SDO Training Facts

Shell Intilaaqah programme is a part of Shell LiveWire International, a social investment initiative which was first launched in 1982 in Scotland. Since its founding, it has grown rapidly to include a social network of more than 900,000 members and has become one of the biggest organisations of its kind to work with young entrepreneurs. The programme has had great success in providing support and advice for young entrepreneurs across eight countries in the Middle East.

Shell Intilaaqah programme was launched in Oman in 1995 as a premier initiative for supporting entrepreneurship. Since its establishment, it has provided training for more than 15,000 young Omanis.

What does the new edition of the programme offer?

In its new edition, the Shell Intilaaqah programme currently provides training programmes for developing entrepreneurship through organising “Bright ideas workshops” and “How to be a successful businessman programme”.
In the near future, Shell Intilaaqah will offer support and advice to Omani SMEs in addition to specialised training programmes in the most important areas of entrepreneurship, as well as programmes focused on the management of struggling businesses.

Our Objectives:

1. To collaborate with key partner to better support young entrepreneurs in Oman.
2. To stimulate entrepreneurship through a number of programmes throughout the year.
3. To encourage Omani youth to create new ventures that are innovative and that meet the needs of the society and national economy.
4. To highlight potential business opportunities in select top sectors through value chain analysis.
5. To provide support to entrepreneurs through training, mentoring, coaching and counselling during incubation or startup phase to manage a sustainable business.
6. To develop entrepreneurs’ managerial talents with the highest quality.
7. To develop entrepreneurial business mindset to understand the local market.
8. To develop and support the entrepreneurial mindset in starting scalable innovative new ventures.

Our Target audience:

1. Educated Omani youth that are between 18-45 years old who are passionate about developing their skills set to start a new venture that will add value to the economy.
2. Entrepreneurs who are looking to develop skills for running their business.
3. Struggling business owners who need additional skills to manage their business successfully.