Fikrati event participants

Fikrati Competition

Tue, 08 May 2018

Under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Humood bin Khalfan Al Harthi the Undersecretary of Ministry of Education for Education and Curriculum, Shell Intilaaqah Oman and the National Career Guidance Centre have jointly congratulated 73 winners of the ‘Fikrati’ best business idea competition. Winners took part in the competition following their participation in Intilaaqah Light programme, an entrepreneurship training programme dedicated to grade 10 students across the Sultanate. The main aim of the programme was to train Career Guidance Specialists and equipping them with the knowledge and skillsets required to teach students about the importance of exploring entrepreneurial opportunities at an early age.

Inatilaaqah and Riyada participants and instructor

Intilaaqa at Riyada

Mon, 10 April 2017

With participation of more than 150 entrepreneurs

“Intilaaqa at Riyada" continues Bright Ideas workshop series across Oman

Within the first phase of Intilaaqa at Riyada programme, the Bright Ideas Workshop was concluded at Willyat of Nizwa with the aim of enhancing the entrepreneurial skills of the participants, enabling them to think creatively to come up with a business idea, and equipping them with the skills of evaluating the feasibility of implementing their business ideas.

The series of Bright Ideas workshops target entrepreneurs who desire to set up their own businesses (those who have a business idea or have recently set up a business or who intend to develop an existing business) and the young people who aspire to become successful entrepreneurs.

The workshop, which was held at the Nizwa College of Technology, is one of 15 workshops carried out at 10 different Willayats of the Sultanate. The previous period witnessed the implementation of 9 workshops with more than 150 participants from Muscat, Ibri, Salalah, Sohar, Rustaq, Khasab and Nizwa. These workshops should continue at Salalah (April 12th-13th), Buraimi (April 16th-17th), Sohar (April 18th-19th), Sur (May 7th-8th) and the last workshop is due to be held at Ibra (May 9th-10th).

It is worth mentioning that the “Intilaaqa at Riyada” programme is jointly implemented by the Public Authority for Small & Medium Enterprises Development "Riyada" and Shell Development Oman “SDO”. It aims to provide training programmes in addition to guidance and counselling services to the Omanis entrepreneurs as well as the owners of small & medium enterprises aged between 18 and 45 years on how to set up their own businesses and help them in their growth and development.

Intilaaqah program manager handing participant certificate

Shell continues to deliver ‘Intilaaqah at Riyada’ programme

Sun, 26 March 2017

Shell continues to implement the "Intilaaqah at Riyada" programme, which aims at providing training, counselling and coaching services to Omani entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) aged between 18 and 45 years, in collaboration with the Public Authority for Small & Medium Enterprises Development, Riyada.

The "Intilaaqah at Riyada" programme consists of five major stages and is distributed throughout the year based on an agreement signed between Shell and Riyada in September 2016.

Six workshops of the first stage of the programme under the title of “Bright Ideas” have been conducted so far. The number of participants who took part in these workshops was 113 entrepreneurs and SMEs owners in four different governorates. These workshops will be supplemented by nine other workshops in nine governorates.

The outstanding participants from the first stage will then move the other four stages of the programme: Intilaaqah training, counselling and mentoring, specialised courses, and insolvency management.
 The new Intilaaqah programme was re-launched as part of Shell’s 2015 Gift to the Nation initiative. Shell Intilaaqah and Riyada’s collaboration is an illustration of true partnership between the public sector represented by Riyada and the private sector represented by Shell in order to provide support and develop Omani entrepreneurs, said a statement.

The areas of cooperation agreed between Riyada and Shell were for Riyada to provide space for the ‘Shell Intilaaqah’ office within its main headquarters in Ghala, Muscat, in order to launch the new edition of Shell Intilaaqah; and for Shell to provide support to Omani entrepreneurs through well-qualified trainers to help the Omani entrepreneurs and SMEs through training, counselling and mentoring.

“We are happy with what has been implemented of the program up to now and we extend our thanks to Shell on this national initiative and true partnership with us to achieve our goals by supporting entrepreneurs and small & medium enterprises”, said Khalid Bin Al-Safi Al-Haraibi, acting CEO at Riyada.

 Chris Breeze, Shell’s country chairman in Oman, stated: “I’m delighted to see Shell Intilaaqah and Riyada continue to join hands to support Oman’s vision and the enterprise development agenda in the sultanate. Intilaaqah is contributing, but much more is needed to overcome all the problems facing SMEs and I would encourage all other private sector companies to support Riyada in its national initiative of promoting entrepreneurship and the role of SMEs in Oman’s economy.”

Become an entrepreneur course participants

Become an Entrepreneur

Mon, 03 October 2016

Shell Intilaaqah & Career Guidance Centre conclude <Your Way to Become an Entrepreneur workshop>.

Shell Intilaaqah has successfully concluded ‘Your Way to Become an Entrepreneur’ workshop in collaboration with the National Career Guidance Centre of the Ministry of Education (MoE). The workshop was held in the main Training Center of the Ministry of Education in Al-khuwair and was attended by 25 Career Guidance Specialists from the different governorates of the Sultanate.
 The main aim of this workshop was to train Career Guidance Specialists and equipping them with knowledge and skill set they need to teach the students about the importance of exploring business opportunities and highlighting the important characteristics of entrepreneurs at an early age. After this workshop, Career Guidance Specialists will train their colleagues what they have learned during this workshop to proceed to raise awareness towards entrepreneurship among students in their regions. After this step, the students will be initialized to participate in ‘’ Afkari’’ competition which will be released soon by Shell Intilaaqah with collaboration with Ministry of Education (MOE).
Commenting on this workshop, Najwa Al Kindi, Intilaaqah Director said, ‘’ This workshop is targeting students at early age to be more creative and to focus on entrepreneurship as key resource of income in the future’’. She add, ‘’ we are very proud of this successful collaboration between Shell Intilaaqah and the Ministry of Education to make this workshop a success. We are very pleased with the number of attendees, discussions and questions that have been asked during workshop’’.

Shell country chair and government official signing MOU

Revamped Shell Intilaaqah

Sun, 04 September 2016

Riyada and Shell launch revamped Shell Intilaaqah Programme  

4 September 2016 – MUSCAT, Oman - Following its fifth Gift to The Nation announcement earlier this year, Shell launched the revamped Shell Intilaaqah programme in Oman at the Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprise Development (Riyada). The launch ceremony was held at the headquarters of Riyada and was attended by His Excellency Dr. Hamoud bin Khalfan Al Harthy, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Education and Curricula and Riyada board member. The launch was also attended by top executives from relevant public and private sector organisations and top executives from Shell and Riyada.

The launch programme included signing a ground-breaking collaboration agreement between Shell Intilaaqah and Riyada to better support young Omani entrepreneurs in various areas; including training, mentoring and counselling. The agreement was signed by Khalifa bin Said Al Abri, Riyada CEO, and Chris Breeze, Shell’s Country Chairman in Oman.

Based on this agreement, both parties will collaborate to provide training programmes in addition to providing mentoring and counselling services to the Omani entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who are between the age of 20 and 55 years old, by supporting them in starting their own business and helping them in their growth and development.

Shell Oman Country Chair speaking at gift to the nation event

The 5th Gift to the Nation

Fri, 05 February 2016

Shell helps boost energy and the economy through its fifth Gift to the Nation

Shell proudly announces its fifth Gift to The Nation in which the company has identified two key initiatives. The first will see Shell launch a project to deploy solar energy into Omani public schools, while the second initiative will involve the revamping of Intilaaqah’s existing programmes in Oman, which have been successfully running since 1995.

MUSCAT, Oman 5 February 2016: Shell has announced its fifth Gift to The Nation under the auspices of H.E. Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah, Minister of Foreign Affairs during a ceremony held recently at the Grand Hyatt in Muscat. The event was attended by a large number of guests; graced by Excellencies and dignitaries from various public and private sectors in Oman.
 This year, and in line with its Shell’s ongoing commitment to foster the development of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) sector in Oman and to promote energy sustainability and educational awareness, Shell announced it will launch a project to install use solar energy into a select number of Grade 10-12 secondary schools across Oman. The project will be initiated in 2016 with 4 pilot sites located in Al-Buraimi, Nizwa, Salalah and Muscat and will see further solar installations progressively installed into girls and boys schools across all Governorates over a 5 year period.
 Inaugurating the event, Mr. Chris Breeze, Shell’s Country Chairman in Oman said that the solar power into schools project will be a first of its kind project for Oman. It will show how solar energy can help supplement existing electricity demand which currently is largely generated from either diesel or gas. By using Omani contractors to help install the solar installations we also help ccontribute to Oman’s energy & economy transition, by helping build a platform for development and implementation of small-scale solar projects in Oman. By putting these installations into public schools we also help boost interest in science, technology, innovation & entrepreneurship for Omani youth and awareness in Oman’s future energy transition”.
The second part of Shell’s Gift to the Nation initiative will focus on revamping Shell’s Intilaaqah project to continue to meet the growing needs of Omani entrepreneurs. Oman was the first country to launch the Shell Intilaaqah programme in the Middle East in 1995, and over 10,000 Omani female and male entrepreneurs have successfully graduated from the programme to date. The newly revamped Shell Intilaaqah will expand its current entrepreneur support services to also cover business start-ups and alumni support.
 Mr. Al Lawati stated that through Intilaaqah in Oman over 1,600 businesses have been created and 30 SMEs financed where 900 employment positions have been sustained, 32% of which are Omani. The revamped Intilaaqah will continue to focus on helping entrepreneurs launch their own business, and in turn, contribute to Oman’s 2020 Vision.
 Commenting on this occasion, H.E. Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah, said: “Shell’s Gift to the nation is a tribute to the long standing relationship Oman has with Shell. We hope that the full potential of the two announced initiatives are going to be utilized in the coming 5 years and we look forward to more sustainable and rewarding initiatives.”
The Gift to The Nation initiative was first launched in 1995 and follows on every five years, a time at which the company announces the launch of a significant contribution to Omani society. The initiative is a symbol of Shell’s deep gratitude to Oman - a country in which it has been present since 1937. Over the years, notable gifts to the nation have included the launch of Intilaaqah, establishment of the joint virtual reality center at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), followed by the establishment of the Shell Chair at SQU as well as a $10 million dollar grant to create the Intilaaqah Enterprise Fund.
 In 2010, Shell’s Gift to the Nation saw the migration of Intilaaqah and Intilaaqah Enterprise Fund into a single programme under the brand name Shell Intilaaqah – offering a one stop shop for entrepreneurs to gain financial support for their businesses and benefit from other development services and consultancy.

Hirfati event participant stall


We are proud to support the ‘Hirfati’ programme that is empowering Oman’s youth

~~We are proud to support the ‘Hirfati’ programme that is empowering Oman’s youth to take the country’s rich arts and crafts culture to new entrepreneurial heights

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Riyada awards participants and judges

Riyada Entrepreneurship Awards

Intilaaqah proudly wins the Best Educational Initiative from Riyada Oman (Public Authority for SME Development) . Intilaaqah has trained and prepared more than 10,000 Omani to enrich the local and global market.

Empowering entrepreneurs

Shell Intilaaqah Oman and Riyada Continue Pledge To Empower Entrepreneurs

Sun, 27 May 2018

Shell Intilaaqah, Oman’s social investment arm of Shell LiveWire International, and the Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development (Riyada) continue their strategic partnership to support the entrepreneurs for an additional three years by signing a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) that builds on the previous Memorandum of Understanding. This collaboration aims to continue offering support to entrepreneurs in various areas; including training, mentoring and counselling for an additional three years. The agreement was signed by Dr. Ahmed Al Ghassani, CEO of Riyada and Chris Breeze, Shell’s Country Chairman in Oman.

Bright ideas workshop certificate giving

Bright Ideas Workshop

Wed, 27 June 2018

Shell Intilaaqah’s evolved edition ‘Aspire and Inspire’, concluded its first training cycle of the year, the Bright Ideas Workshop. Implemented in collaboration with the Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development (Riyada), the workshop saw the participation of over 70 aspiring entrepreneurs from Muscat, Sohar, Nizwa and Salalah. Designed to introduce Omani youth to entrepreneurship through the real world experience of starting their own business, participants received completion certificates. Presenting the certificates to the Muscat participants was Dr. Ahmed Al Ghassani, CEO of Riyada and Najwa Al Kindi, Director of Shell Intilaaqah Oman.